Trade Credit and Surety Plan

The objective of Expedite Re SA is to become a leading market in designated territories for modest sized contract surety and trade credit principals. Today, the majority of surety and trade credit companies are servicing the standard markets whereby they are providing bonds to a selective number of higher-end principals in the marketplace at low rates.
In addition, given the state of the economy over the past several years, sureties have tightened their underwriting criteria. Therefore, experienced and capable contractors and or Insureds who once were bondable are now without bonding capacity as a result of blemishes on their financial backgrounds that emanated from the drastic economic downturn.
This business plan will target contractors and trade credit insureds who may be caught in a transition position between surety markets. These are contractors who are emerging and moving up from the substandard market but who don’t qualify yet for the standard market. There are also contractors who previously qualified for the standard market but due to the economy and tightened underwriting have now lost their bonding capacity. There is a significant pool of contractors or principals that have been in business for a number of years, have developed an excellent reputation in their field of expertise, and whose services are in great demand. They include prospective principals that are deemed too small or just emerging. They have the character and ability to perform with support from us and controlled growth of their business.