Rental Income Guarantee
Nationwide Rentsure landlord association has developed a rental income guarantee program protecting its members from potential rental income loss as a result of defaulting tenants. Members also receive eviction protection as well as negligent and wilful tenant damage protection.
Nationwide Rentsure is a web enabled membership programme. Members sign up and pay their membership fees directly on the Nationwide RentSure website. All demands under the rental guarantee are be made through the Nationwide RentSure website. Landlords must meet the tenant pre-qualification requirements set out in their membership agreement.
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Nationwide RentSure will pay up to 11 months or $100,000 of unpaid rental income while a tenant is in the eviction process. Once the tenant is evicted, RentSure will continue to provide the landlord with income for up to 90 days while re-leasing the unit.
Guarantees up to $10,000 tenant damage caused willfully by a tenant.