Carriers Competitive Advantages

Expedite Re’s senior management has significant experience and expertise in this line of insurance as well as the construction business. Management will engage a more comprehensive and labor intensive approach to reviewing an account than is taken by most surety markets. Underwriting will be based on the character of the principals to be bonded as well as their expertise and experience. Equally as important, management’s experience in the construction industry and the cargo and shipping business will allow it to thoroughly assess the contract and the bids prepared by potential Insured’s to be bonded.
Management will also have the ability to attract very experienced producers and underwriters who they know have been affected by the instability at their respective companies and markets. This team will have no legacy exposure issues and the extraordinary opportunity to select people and producers that will make an immediate impact towards the launch and success of Expedite Re’s experienced management team and financial backers CEO-level experience building companies from the ground up as well as critical expertise in the construction industry. Mark Burton has considerable experience in both the banking and financial services industry .
Moni Chaterjee as Vice President for Underwriting and systems will endeavour that top quality systems be put in place systems and processes that ensure high quality service to outside producers willing to move existing business and develop new business.
Expedite Re SA focus on surety as its only line of business will have a distinct advantage over the larger multiline Insurance Carriers .